Traditional Chinese Medicine – Horse Characteristics

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are five-elements and characteristics your horse may possess.

Water Horse

A balanced “Water” horse will exhibit the physical qualities of a strong, dense and large-boned body. Balanced Water horses have a beautiful shiny and healthy coat, mane and tail. The Water horse is solitary by nature and fearful at times. This horse likes to evaluate situations. He may display nervousness under pressure and appear hyper-vigilant. In the wild, this horse would be seen as a survivor, self-sufficient and resilient.

Fire Horse

A horse with a balanced “Fire” constitution exhibits a joyful and vibrant personality. He is charismatic, playful and an overall friendly mount. The Fire horse is fun and easy to train. His intelligence and eagerness to learn make him a quick study in any discipline. His warm gentle nature endears him to both people and other animals.

Earth Horse

A horse with a balanced “Earth” constitution is loyal, friendly and stable to ride. The Earth horse exhibits physical characteristics such as dense, thick muscles, a broad-based, strong body, and a deep girth area. This horse may not be quick to learn or fast of foot, but he shows great endurance and a consistent, steady and tolerant nature. Earth horses are excellent horses for the first-time rider. They exhibit a grounded demeanor. He is happiest with a structured lifestyle.

Metal Horse

A horse with a balanced “Metal” constitution shows himself as a quick learner with an even-tempered nature. There is a sense of fairness he demands in training. He appears to have a healthy fluidity of movement, though his body-type is angular, lean and strong. This horse will show a quiet maturity, a confident nature that may seem somewhat detached, thoughtful and serious. A Metal horse will prefer the light quality and temperature of Autumn. This horse likes a sense of orderliness and shows predictability.

Wood Horse 

Wood horses are usually angular and lean. They appear energetic yet move rather stiffly. There will be a quality of determination likened to this animal. He can push beyond apparent limits and is seen as independent. This horse is often impatient with rest and has a very competitive nature. He can be an excellent mount for the advanced rider.