Horseback riding in Arizona and Utah

This vast, sparsely populated section of Arizona and Utah is ideally suited for horseback riding vacations. The landscape in this part of the Southwest has a haunting, nostalgic quality and at times the feeling of déjà vu can be almost overpowering. Film directors and artists have long recognized that the landscape here is some of the most dramatically beautiful in the world.

Spectacular, red-walled mesas tower abruptly a thousand feet above the surrounding plain, rivers have carved out immense, multi-colored canyons, outcroppings of rock have formed weird shapes and the unusual form of the tall saguaro cactus dots the desert. Equestrian holidays constantly provide magnificent and ever-changing views which help make the experience unforgettable.

The cultural aspects are fascinating too. One frequently sees the remains of the once powerful and now vanished Anasazi civilization and comes in contact with the thriving Navajo who have maintained many of their ancient traditions. They still produce fine woven rugs, pottery, and silver work. It is fascinating to ride a horse in the 16 million acre Navajo Indian Reservation with its rich historical sites and stupendous scenic views.

All horse tours in Arizona and Utah have their unique characteristics and the Two Inn Trail even provides the comfort of inn lodging while traveling through spectacular wilderness country each day. All rides in the Southwest are under permit from the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. There are many organized rides available, also on quarter horses. Just check out a few here:

Arizona/Utah – CANYON EXPLORER TREK – This challenging adventure is for those who have done other rides with us and want to explore new territory.

Arizona/Utah – GRAND CANYON WINTER PASTURES – Amazingly there are wide terraces on the slopes of the Grand Canyon’s north rim where the winter remains temperate and ideal for camping. This little-known area, accessible only on horseback or by hiking, provides wonderful views from the seldom-visited north side of the canyon.

Arizona/Utah – LONG VALLEY CATTLE DRIVE – This is one of the very few truly authentic cattle drives left in America. It takes ten days to move the cattle from the ranch in the Bryce Canyon area down to winter pasture on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It provides a unique chance to move back to a bygone era for a horseback riding vacation. Your cowboy guides are fourth generation ranchers in the area and rides are also offered on Peruvian Horses.

Arizona/Utah – NAVAJOLAND – This popular horseback riding tour through the heart of Navajo country traverses the breathtaking Canyon de Chelly and visits other fascinating parts of the vast Navajo Indian Reservation. There are many opportunities to see the impressive remains of the ancient Anasazi civilization discussed in Jared Diamond’s best selling book, Collapse.

Arizona/Utah – THE TWO INN TRAIL – The ride offers the comfort of comfortable lodging while seeing new sections of this wild country each day and riding the same picturesque trails taken by Indians, Spanish explorers, cowboys, miners and outlaws in former times. See more on Spanish horses here.

Arizona/Utah – THREE PARK SPECTACULAR – This grand tour covers the region in and around three of our most famous parks which are among our greatest national treasures. It affords views few tourists ever see and there is a special thrill in viewing it from the back of a good horse like the early explorers.