Celestina Ranch – Peruvian Horses

The Peruvian Horse is born with a smooth, natural way of going stamped into their genetic heritage by hundreds of years of selective breeding. Peruvians are shown barefoot – the gait cannot be influenced by weighted or other special shoes.

The smooth gait and tractable temperament make Peruvian Horses an ideal choice for the rider who wants to avoid the discomfort of a trot. The quieter horses are ideal for the adult novice, while the fiery individuals are a thrill for even the most experienced rider. We look forward to working with you.

When you ask what makes a Peruvian Horse different from many other breeds, the concept of “brio” is likely to be one of the first things that come up.  Wikipedia defines brio as “quality of being spirited, active, or alive and vigorous” or another word for “the force of life”.

Within the context of the Peruvian Horse, brio is the energy, exuberance, and willingness to be directed by its rider.  There is also an element of pride and arrogance, without disobedience. Enthusiasm and willingness to work are also implied in this quality.  Brio is alertness, but not nervousness.

A horse with brio can be a challenge for a less experienced rider.  A horse with brio does not need to be asked twice to move forward briskly.  A very forward horse can be intimidating for a rider that would be more comfortable with a very quiet horse that needs lots of encouragement to go.

A horse with brio will also continue to work when he is very tired or hurt, where a horse without brio would quit.  A rider that is not perceptive enough to watch for the horse’s distress could easily cause damage due to the lack of awareness.

Brio is addicting.  Once you have experienced true brio, you may find that horses lacking brio to be a rather dull ride.  The brilliance of horse with brio is a thrill for even the most experienced rider. See this page to learn about the difference between a Peruvian Horse and a Paso Fino Horse.

The Celestina Ranch in Blackie, Canada, is known for breeding the best Peruvian Horses. Celestina is Spanish for matchmaker, and that is our goal – to help you find the horse of your dreams. Our commitment is to create the “user-friendly” horse.

We keep only a small and select herd on our farm, but our contacts within the breed can help you to find your equine companion and to develop the skills to fully appreciate your equine partner’s qualities. We are located 30 minutes south of Calgary — with easy highway access from Calgary, High River or Okotoks.

The ranch is family run and located in the beautiful Sheep River Valley east of Okotoks, Alberta. The homestead was carved out of the Rodger’s family’s ranch.  Rodger grew up on the ranch, working with the herds of registered Charolais and Simmental Cattle throughout his teenage years. Jocelyn is a “Johnny come lately” to farm life but is making up for her lack of experience with a great deal of enthusiasm. We are shown here with RJT Celestina, a daughter of our foundation mare, Lila. Tina was sired by *JJBN Tacubo. Quarter Horse information is found on this page.

The ranch has been involved in breeding, training and showing Peruvian Horses since 1992 and is known for breeding, training, and showing registered Miniature Donkeys since 1994.

The proof is in the placements, taking the following titles:

RTP Lunador – twice Champion of Champions Pleasure Stallion, Champion Pleasure Stallion, Champion and Champion of Champions Breeding Stallion, twice High Point / Versatility Horse of Show, Res. Champion Pleasure Stallion, Res. High Point Versatility Horse of Show.

RJT Colorado Real – twice Champion of Champions Pleasure Gelding, Champion Pleasure Gelding, Champion and Champion of Champions Luxury Gelding, High Point Horse of Show.