StoneHaven Farm

Stonehaven Farm has been in the miniature horse business since 1980. They have been slowly building their collection of exceptional AMHA miniature horses. They are just about where they want to be, with a small herd of fine, show quality broodmares, and a few top-notch breeding stallions.

At StoneHaven, they own a 70+ acre farm where they raise Christmas trees in addition to the horses. The arrangement works very well for them. Judy and Jody are the horse breeders/showers, and Peter is the Christmas tree person and Trap Shooter.

When Judy and Jody go to shows, Peter is the caretaker of the horses, when Peter goes to shoot, Jody and Judy are there to care for the trees and animals. At Christmas time, all hands on deck from Thanksgiving to Christmas, they are all at home and selling trees on the weekends.

StoneHaven’s pride and joy is their blue roan gelding, LBFs Commodity Blues, one of the top driving horses in the country. The horses are also featured in many stories, for example, they help students get confidence, Utterly horses website share some of these stories.

He has won multiple national championships and top tens in both AMHA and AMHR in Gelding single pleasure driving, Gentlemen’s single pleasure driving (with Mike McCabe), Ladies single pleasure driving, and Amateur halter geldings with Judy Stadtlander. That said it has been an honor and a privilege to own such a wonderful horse! He tried something new a few years back, Roadster, and took to it like a duck to water! Now, for this year’s Commodity, he’s going to show in Country Pleasure.

The farm’s main herd sire, NFC Peppys On A High has never been shown due to an eye injury, but he has really proven himself as a potent sire of very high-quality show horses. A son of his, SF Peppys Red Hot is smoking the competition in his first year in driving. He brought home 6 Eastern Regional Championships in Roadster and Country in the Open, Amateur, and Youth driving divisions as well as 1 reserve Eastern Regional championship, and 2 Reserve Grands!!

He was shown at the AMHA National Championships a few years ago by his owners, the Greenwood family and brought home FOUR top ten awards with only six months experience in harness. He was recently sold to Colorado, but there’s a rumor┬áhe will be in training with Darrin Southwick so, at StoneHaven, they’re looking forward to his continued winning ways.

All the folks at StoneHaven’s earliest thoughts were of horses. They were completely obsessed with horses. They dreamed of horses. They read every book they could find on horses. They drew horses… on everything. Almost every thought they had involved horses. Unfortunately, they were unable to own horses until they were on my own after college. And guess what they studied in college… Yup! Equine Science!!

Several years ago, some good friends and the family went to the AMHA Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. They still reminisce about how that horse show changed their lives. That was when their dreams started to include Miniature Horses.

So, here they are today. With the love and partnership of the entire family and the support from my friends and family, they have been able to start living a long sought-after dream.